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Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast

Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast is a place for you and all your peeps to get some climbing based audio wavelengths into your ear receptacles. We bring the professionals of the climbing industry to your speaker-phones in order to inform yourselves as to what you want to know when you didn’t even know you wanted to know it. Climb, listen, climb and listen. Listen to it, like it, love it… palabra!


Chalk Talk was created in May 2014 and launched its full site with downloadable, streamable podcasts on August 1st, 2014. The podcasts are discussions and interviews led by host/producer John Blomquist, featuring leaders and visionaries of the climbing industry.

John Blomquist is the host/producer of Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast. He has been climbing since 2008 and has since worn many hats in the climbing industry. He has been the manager and head routesetter of a gym for many years. He has also set for numerous climbing competitions including SCS Youth Nationals, a handful of SCS/ABS regional competitions, and endless local comps. Now he is psyched to bring to you the best quality audio wavelengths to your brain.

Ian Robinson is the founder of Freedom Podcasting, a podcast production service that helps its clients get their podcasts out to thousands of listeners each week. Ian was the inspiration that got John rolling in producing the podcast and has been an invaluable asset to the conception, and constant growth to Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast. Without the help of Ian Robinson and Freedom Podcasting, Chalk Talk would not be in existence.

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If you would like to support show, you can either donate directly, or you can use our amazon link to shop. If click the amazon link below and shop that way, amazon doesn’t charge you anything extra, but they send 6% of your shop to John. That’s really helpful in inspiring him to produce more episodes.