2015 World Cup Roundup On the Haiyang event overall, the return of Rustam and LeNeve, and who stands to win it all in Munich

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This is the third of Chalk Talk’s 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup Roundups. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this season of World Cup bouldering. There are more Americans involved than ever. USA Climbing has been attempting to fundraise for athletes along with some athletes reaching out to the community with crowdfunding efforts. The European contingent is looking strong with Jule Wurm and Jan Hojer winning the European Bouldering Championships, Adam Ondra is competing, and Anna Stohr is back after nursing a finger injury last season.

The plan is to produce an episode after each of the World Cup competitions with analysis, feedback, and awe from myself, Jackie Hueftle, and anyone else I can wrangle worth speaking to about this season. So, check back after each World Cup event for more coverage here on the 2015 World Cup Roundup!  

Show Notes for episode with 2015 World Cup Roundup:

  • The overall for the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Haiyang, China
  • The trouble with Men’s problem 4
  • The return of Rustam Gelmanov’s (RUS) climbing antics
  • The rundown of the Men’s problems
  • The strength and depth of the Japanese team
  • Nokano’s (JAP) unfortunate technical on Men’s 2
  • The surprising performance and podium of Petra Klinger (SUI)
  • Women’s Overall
  • Melissa LeNeve’s (FRA) super try-hard on Female 2
  • Who stands to take the overall podium after the last comp in Munich and who’s poised to swoop it out from under them

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