Access Fund Episode Art On the subtleties of responsible trail building, climbing area stewardship, and how to responsibly develop climbing areas

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This episode is sponsored by Lifestraw. Why carry plastic bottles that could become litter and threaten access to climbing areas when you could drink directly out of the stream?! Want to find out more? Check out their website here for more info…

Show Notes for episode with Access Fund:

  • Where they are currently in their almost 2 year long Access Fund road trip, and what they are doing
  • How to get involved with one of the Access Fund’s Stewardship programs
  • The agenda of a three day Access Fund Stewardship Program
  • How to effectively build a stone wall or retaining wall on a trail that will stand the test of time
  • How Access Fund seeks to succeed in its main objective of keeping climbing areas open
  • How a local community should approach a land manager or land owner about access issues
  • How climbers can minimize their effect when going to the crag to avoid access issues
  • What to do about popular climbing areas that are being overrun week after week
  • Where to find information on where it’s okay to camp or hike or access crags so we aren’t exacerbating access issues
  • Some advice to consider for climbing area developers to decrease the impact on an area
  • Some of their favorite spots around the U.S.

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