Ep.43 w/ Alex Puccio “Road to Recovery”

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Alex Puccio injuryOn her injury, the frustration of slow healing, and finding the strength to come back with a vengeance…

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Show Notes for episode with Alex Puccio:

  • Dealing with the frustration of slow healing
  • Her recent ascents of Memoirs of an Invisible Climber (V12) and Euro Trash (V12)
  • How more success in competition leads to more pressure and poor performance
  • The pressures of competing, burnout, and how climbing outside helped Alex re-invent her mindset
  • How training with Justen Sjong from Team of 2 helped her be more aware of her mental blocks before and during competitions
  • Where her new found determination for training and fitness came from
  • How the injury happened in isolation and what emotions were running through her head as she was pulled from iso
  • Her road to recovery from tearing her ACL, MCL and Meniscus, to sending Euro Trash (V12) only 8 weeks after surgery and again with Memoirs of the Invisible Climber (V12) 11 weeks after surgery
  • The hardest parts of her injury emotionally and physically
  • The frustration of the waiting game while healing and how she stays motivated
  • The response from the climbing community on her injury considering she crowdfunded for this season’s World Cup Circuit
  • Has her injury made her stronger or weaker in any way
  • Getting over the mental hurdles that hold us back post-injury
  • Injury prevention: how much she was doing before her accident and why its important
  • Has being injured given her a new outlook on climbing or competing
  • How she will prioritize the next year or so of climbing
  • Social media, self-promotion, and the trouble with making a career as a pro climber
  • Her future plans for training, competing and getting outdoors

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