Ep.22 – Alton Richardson “Telling a Story”

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Alton Richardson Episode art On Portrero Chico, climbing photography, and the freelance life.

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Alton Richardson is a badass. This guy rolls around with a camera and captures everything climbing. From shimmering sunsets over sexy crags to super sends from some of the sickest ascensionists, this guy captures it all. Whether it’s still life or video, Alton Richardson is there and prepared. He has worked for RAB, La Sportiva, Climbing Magazine, and has even started his own regional climbing magazine for California. (It’s pretty cool, too!) Listen to this episode to learn a bit about how Alton Richardson gets the shots that stir the pot and what he looks to accomplish with them!

Show Notes for the episode with Alton Richardson:

  • Starting California Climber, a quarterly magazine with co-founder Dean Flemming
  • Being on assignment in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a photographer, videographer, and gear tester
  • The freelance life
  • How he manages his time as a freelancer and stays ahead of the game
  • Planning shots
  • Cultivating relationships with media outlets for future work
  • Traveling on assignment to Portrero Chico, Mexico, and the tragedy that happened
  • Techniques for shooting climbing
  • What he likes photographing the most…and it’s not what you think

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