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On managing, closing, and re-opening Basecamp @ Whitney Peak, the tallest climbing gym in the world; coaching a youth climbing team; and going to church in the mountains. 


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In this episode of Chalk Talk, I have the honor of speaking with one of my longtime friends in the climbing world, Brian Sweeney.

Brian Sweeney has spent many of his years developing bouldering areas throughout the Sierras including Donnor, Castle Peak, Doyle, the Sierra Buttes, and as far as Gold Bar, Washington. We talk about his accomplishments there, what he sees as his proudest moments, and what he envisions for the future of his developing.

On top of this, Brian Sweeney is the head coach of the non-profit Sierra Climbing Team, a talented photographer, and the manager of Basecamp @ Whitney Peak, boasting the tallest climbing wall in the world. The 164′ wall is attached to the outside of the Whitney Peak hotel in downtown Reno, Nv overlooking Reno’s famous, ‘Biggest Little City’ sign. The hotel also has a fully functional bouldering and workout gym on the second floor.

Along with covering the topics of his daily climbing industry work as a coach and a manager, we delve into the heart of his work as an artist and the development of his unique and awe-inspiring technique for capturing light and movement while climbing.

Show Notes for episode with Brian Sweeney:

  • The success of his non-profit climbing team, SCT.
  • Basecamp @ Whitney Peak’s grand re-opening competition with Kevin Jorgeson and Sasha DiGiulian.
  • His mentality for managing, coaching, and climbing, “we’re here to have fun!”
  • The growth of climbing now and into the future.
  • Photography and how climbing has influenced his art.
  • Pushing the limits in climbing, coaching, and photography.
  • His path to developing boulders from Gold Bar and Leavenworth to Castle Peak and the Sierra Buttes.
  • Why developing drives his passion for climbing.

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