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Ep.21 – Bret Johnston “A Young Man’s Profession”

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Bret Johnston routesetting On routesetting as a growing career, what makes a good routesetter for commercial and competition routesetting, and the inevitable fate of career routesetters

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PR#2-Black Diamond Harness Pack w/ Ariel Castro of

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Black Diamond Harness

Episode 2- Black Diamond Harness Review

In this episode 2, Ariel Castro, of Rugged Innovations, blasts our earbuds with his rundown of the Black Diamond Harness Pack. Sorry, to be more specific, the Black Diamond Momentum SA Harness Pack. It’s a great way to get started with the equipment that you need to get up the wall….or so he says. Check it out here or on his review,

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Rock & Ice Magazine with Ander Rockstad

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Check out the Rock &Ice, “Blood Spider” article here…

Ander Rockstad, Five Ten athlete and co-creator of A-Balm climbing balm, is a super inspiring and energetic person. This Monday, he will be the next guest on Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry podcast.

On the episode, we talk about how he keeps up on his training while working on oil fields in Alaska, his in-depth nutritional advice, and his awesome product A-Balm.

Ander has been on the move and climbing since he graduated from college and his exploits are nothing to be scoffed at. In 2008 he visited the Rocklands in So. Africa hoping to score on some of the best bouldering the in the world. What he got was an amazing story that he retold to Rock and Ice a while back.

So, in preparation for Episode 10 with Ander Rockstad, that will be ready for download on Monday, take a minute to read this short article on Ander’s adventure to Africa. And stay tuned for more Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast!

Check out the Rock &Ice, “Blood Spider” article here…