On receiving his diagnosis of terminal cancer, growing the Climbers Against Cancer charity, and attempting to build a legacy that will live on in the hands of climbers worldwide….

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Show Notes for the episode with Climbers Against Cancer:

  • John talks about his diagnosis of terminal cancer and the effect that had on him and his family
  • His natural positivity and how it helps everyone around him cope
  • How being open about his life with cancer helps friends and family feel more comfortable
  • How helping to raise money for a charity led him to want to do more
  • What it took to get the Climbers Against Cancer charity up and running
  • The flood of support…and work that came with the charity’s success
  • Watching the community grow and why climbing is so special
  • Why CAC has successfully donated to 7 different cancer charities in 7 different countries
  •  How to become involved on an individual level, as a company, or as a gym to help CAC
  • The truth behind true happiness that John has learned

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