Climbing Business Journal Episode ArtOn the efforts of Climbing Business Journal, the growing statistics and economics of gyms, and the future of our industry…

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Mike Helt and Marlowe Kulley are the owners and administrators of Climbing Business Journal, the climbing industry’s greatest news source. Through CBJ, they are culling information about the climbing industry in hopes of creating a database of facts and numbers that can help owners and future investors better understand the industry and where it is headed.

Show Notes for episode with Climbing Business Journal:

  • The short, but glorious life of
  • How trying to re-brand gave birth to Climbing Business Journal
  • Their attempts at creating a database of statistics for the climbing industry
  • What trends American climbing gyms are seeing based on these statistics
  • Climbing industry growth and how much the market can sustain
  • Is climbing just a fad that is living in its heyday
  • So just how many gyms are there in the U.S.?
  • What’s the industry’s projected growth rate?
  • Which business model works the best? (Co-op, bouldering, full service, etc.)
  • What sort of population is necessary to support a climbing gym?
  • What the closing rate for climbing gyms is in America
  • And What the future holds for Climbing Business Journal

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