Element Climbing Episode artOn hold shaping, moving from basement to business, and always trying to move Element Climbing into the future.

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Dave Filkins is the creator, original shaper, and owner of the ever-expanding Element Climbing. His hold company began in the basement of his house and grew until the space could no longer sustain what would eventually grow into Element Climbing. Since he moved out of that basement, Element Climbing has been growing and growing. David and his wife have since devoted their full attention to the growth and development of the hold company.

David is set on making Element Holds a titan in the industry and is always looking for new ways to expand and innovate. In this episode, we get into how he took Element Climbing from basement to blockbuster and beyond.

Show Notes for the episode with Dave Filkins of Element Climbing:

  • How he stumbled into hold shaping
  • Going from shaping holds in the basement to a full-blown company
  • The pitfalls and mistakes of early shaping
  • How he begins the process of shaping
  • Making the jump from a basement business to full-grown operation
  • Building a successful company in a unique industry
  • How to keep the inventory fresh in a sea of holds
  • And the new innovations for Element Climbing

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