Ep.23 – Dr. Lisa Erikson “Climbing Injuries Solved”

By January 31, 2015Podcasts, Uncategorized

On how to diagnose, prevent, and recover properly from climbing’s most notorious injuries, cross-training for climbing and its benefits, and researching a fledgling sport.

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Show Notes for episode with Climbing Injuries Solved:

  • Why doctors default to telling you to “take time off” when you have an injury
  • The anatomy and physiology of the parts we injure
  • How safe climbing is compared to other popular sports
  • How most injuries can be prevented before they become an issue
  • Why some people get injured more than others
  • What you can do beyond just ‘listening to your body’ to stay injury free
  • Self-care tools and how to use them
  • How much you should rely on taping to heal or support injuries
  • Diagnosing a pulley tear
  • Cross training for climbing: yoga and CrossFit
  • Tips for athletes competing in this week’s upcoming ABS open and youth bouldering competition in Madison, Wisconsin

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