On Summiting Everest, traveling 300 miles overland to the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, and learning to suffer…

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Emily Harrington is a climber for the North Face and La Sportiva. She has been climbing since she was a little girl and has since been a five-time National Champion, a two-time North American Champion, has podium-ed in multiple World Cup events, climbed Everest, and was part of a recent National Geographic expedition to Myanmar. Emily Harrington is one of those types of people who likes to get her hands in just about everything. She sport climbs, trad climbs, ice climbs, and alpines.

It takes a lot of gusto to gun as hard as she does, and in this episode, we find out what is behind that tenacious drive and what Emily Harrington has planned for pushing her limits in the future.

Show Notes for the episode with Emily Harrington:

  • Her experience of summiting Mt Everest
  • What it meant to her to ascend the highest peak on Earth
  • The inspiration behind her most recent expedition to Myanmar to climb the highest peak in Southeast Asia
  • The culture and landscape of modern Myanmar (Burma)
  • How she prepared mentally and physically for the Myanmar expedition
  • Avoiding venomous snakes
  • Reaching the mountain and realizing she was in over her head.
  • Coming within hundreds of meters of the summit and having to turn around
  • Managing the fear
  • Trying to master all of climbing’s disciplines and beyond
  • Training with Team of 2 (Episode 5 w/ Justen Sjong)
  • Emily’s Goals for next year…and they’re beefy
  • How she’s preparing for those goals
  • And her pursuits in becoming the next champion walker

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