Ep.33 w/ Kevin and Keah of Friction Labs

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Friction Labs Episode Art On why they wanted to bring a new product into a saturated market, what science the’re cooking up in the lab, and you can’t turn a corner without hearing about Friction Labs’ chalk!

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Friction Labs’ chalk seems to be the talk of the town these days. Everywhere we look someone is saying, “Friction Labs this…or Friction Labs that…” and most of it is about how good the product works. But… it’s just chalk, right?… Right?!

On this week’s episode, Kevin and Keah of Friction Labs tell us exactly why their chalk is superior. (hint): they do science and stuff.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, check it out!

Show Notes for episode with Friction Labs:

  • Why they jumped into a market that is already saturated with product
  • The early processes and experiments for making chalk better
  • What it means when they “do science” is that they actually use a lab
  • The results of doing “science things” to their chalk
  • The difference between Friction Labs and everyone else
  • But does their product work too well?
  • How important design and marketing was in their initial business plan
  • They spill the beans about their ‘Secret Stuff’
  • What’s the difference between the three main Friction Labs product and which Kevin and Keah prefer
  • The deets on their super cool monthly subscription plan
  • The idea behind their Ambassador and Sponsorship programs, and why it seems like they sponsor everyone and their brother

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