Ep.4 – “Setting, Comps, and Hueco Tanks” w/ Jackie Hueftle

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Episode 4 w/ Jackie Hueftle

Photo: Max Moore

On the art and function of routesetting, Hueco, Kilter Grips, and much more.

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I’ve know Jackie Hueftle for many years. She originally hails out of my hometown of Reno, Nv and grew up competing on the national level in youth climbing comps.

Since then, Jackie has become a staple name in the climbing industry for anyone paying close attention. She is the head routesetter at The Spot bouldering gym in Boulder, Co and the editor and author of The Spot’s routesetting blog. The blog focuses on many aspects of the climbing industry including her up-to-date reporting of the international, world cup climbing circuit, climbing hold and product reviews, and other industry relevant information. She has written for many publications including Rock and Ice and Dead Point Magazine, and continues to focus on feature stories for climbing’s major media sources.

Jackie also is a driving force behind the new and growing climbing hold company, Kilter Grips, created and designed by Ian Powell.

She has also set for a handful of professional level climbing competitions, and, in her free time, regularly wanders into fields of boulders to push her own limits on the rock.

So,  do yourself a favor and check out her episode. It’s good!

Show Notes:

  • Choosing climbing life over law school. (Before you cover your kids’ ears, Jackie did graduate with a degree in writing at CU Boulder).
  • Finding a balance between art and function in routesetting.
  • What makes The Spot,….the spot.
  • Where are all the female routesetters?
  • Americans in the international competition scene…or lack thereof.
  • Hueco Tanks regulations and why they matter.
  • And Kilter Grips.

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