Ep.12 – Jeremy Ho “Setting for the Empire”

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On the difficulties of running such a vast empire, the future of Touchstone, and all things routesetting.

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*Post-publishing disclaimer-Jeremy listened to the episode and alerted me to the fact that, when we were speaking about the history of Touchstone, he misspoke and referenced City Beach when he meant to say City Rock climbing gym. He sends his deepest apologies and says, “I was nervous” I think we can forgive him*

Jeremy Ho is the head routesetter of Touchstone Climbing Gyms. He is responsible for managing a team of routesetters that don’t just worry about spinning holds in one gym, but soon-to-be 12 gyms. And not just your local whosie whatsit gym. If you haven’t seen the Touchstone gyms, they are usually on the bigger side of huge. Their flagship gym (also their first), Mission Cliffs, boasts 23,000 sq/ft of climbing terrain, 50 ft. walls, and 2,000 sq/ft of bouldering terrain. Not to mention their San Francisco bouldering gym, Dogpatch, has 14,000 of bouldering terrain. Needless to say, their routesetters have to be on their game, and Jeremy is the man who coordinates the team.

He has been routesetting since 2009 and has since completed his level 3 certification with USA Climbing, set for SCS youth nationals, and hosted a SCS youth regionals and an ABS youth divisionals. If you’re curious about how the setting for these big super gyms happens, or want to know more about setting and comp theory, look no further because Jeremy Ho is the man when it comes to commercial climbing gyms.

Show Notes for Jeremy Ho:

  • The schedule, process, and theory behind setting at Touchstone
  • The future plans and expansions of the Touchstone empire
  • Theory of routesetting
  • Managing a team that spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • Dealing with setter ego, injuries, and burnout
  • Bringing comps to Touchstone and their effects
  • and more…..

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