Ep.1 – “Working for the Future” w/ John Muse

By July 3, 2014Podcasts, Uncategorized

Muse Episode ArtOn owning a gym, setting for USAC Youth Nationals year after year, and why it is so important to foster the growth of climbing at the youth level (promo cut).

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In this episode I talk to John Muse, a gym owner, coach, and chief routesetter of this year’s 2014 SCS Youth National competition.  The Chalk Talk Climbing Podcast won’t be launching in full until August 1st, 2014, but since I had the opportunity to speak with John about his preparations as the chief routesetter for the comp, and his climbing team’s preparations as competitors, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share this first episode with the world ahead of the comp date.

John has set for almost all of the SCS and ABS youth national competitions in the US since 2008 and brings his years of insight to our discussion.

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