Jon Glassberg and ordan Shipman Episode ArtOn filming climbing videos, what they love and hate about climbing media, livestreaming competitions, and what the public wants most.

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Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman are the co-owners of the media company Louder Than 11. They began their endeavor making climbing films and putting them on the internet for free. As their skill set grew and their films gained more acclaim, Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman expanded their exploits into the commercial market doing livestreams of climbing competitions and filming commercials for numerous outdoor industry companies. In their efforts, Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman have gone above and beyond to always be improving their craft and pushing the boundaries of climbing and outdoor industry media. Join them as they discuss the intricacies of media production and the fun and not so fun parts of dealing with clients.

Show Notes for Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman:

  • The origins of Louder Than 11
  • Why and how their downloads are free
  • How they didn’t compete with BigUp and Sender Films
  • Their business philosophy
  • The importance of story and theme
  • Rapid learning curves and inevitable mistakes
  • Still committed to learning
  • Livestream and the future
  • What works when streaming an event
  • Media markets in the mainstream

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