Ep.6 – Jon Cardwell “On the Move”

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Jon Episode ArtOn climbing around the world, finding time for competitions, and Psicobloc splashin’.

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John Cardwell is a professional climber for Five Ten, Adidas Outdoor, and Petzl. He is based out of Boulder, Colorado and also works as a coach and routesetter for Movement Climbing Gym.

When he’s not teaching tykes how to be more awesome on the wall, Jon escapes into the wilderness to find creative lines and large stones to climb. His most recent FA, of Nastalgie 5.14 in Rifle, is proof that he is dedicated to pushing himself to the max.

In this episode we talk about his travels to far away exotic places such as France and Japan, where he mingles with the locals and battles up projects that have eluded him for years. We also get into the joys of coaching, the pressures and pleasures of being a professional athlete, how he prepares for plastic pulling competitions, and his recent defeat (by the skin of Sharma’s teeth) in the 2014 Psicobloc competition.

Enjoy, Chalk Talk-ians!

Show Notes:

  • Delves into mentally preparing for the 2014 Psicobloc competition.
  • Bringing climbing to the mainstream.
  • How strategy played into his his performance at Psicobloc.
  • Traveling, competing, and climbing in Japan.
  • What stopped him this year in his ongoing battle with Realization (5.15a) in Céüse, France.
  • His philosophy on training for indoors and out.
  • Being an athlete for Adidas Outdoor.
  • And the future…

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