Josh Larson Episode ArtOn quarter-life crisis’, how he is preparing for the upcoming World Cup circuit, and his recent bouldering trip to Puerto Rico

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Show Notes for the episode with Josh Larson:

  • How he left climbing for a ‘real job’ and realized that it was no life for him
  • The journey from 4 years of no climbing to pulling V13
  • What drives him to compete in climbing competitions
  • How his IFSC World Cup experience in Toronto last year helped him to succeed in Vail
  • The difference in experience and ability of the competitors from ABS Open to World Cups
  • His competition strategy for success
  • His plans for attending all five World Cups this year in 4 countries
  • How he is preparing to be on the top of his game
  • And his recent trip to Puerto Rico to climb on and develop boulders

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