Ep.2 – “Still Having Fun” w/ Josh Levin

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On moving beyond his youth career, the importance of mental training, and comps, comps, comps…oh and outdoor climbing too. 

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For those who don’t know him, Josh Levin was a maniac in the youth competition circuit. He broke records and set the bar high for future competitors of all ages. Now that he has graduated from his overwhelmingly successful youth career, he continues to push his boundaries and expand his expertise.

When Josh finished his youth career, he could boast 18 time Youth National Champion (most in history), 30 time Youth National Team Member (most in history), undefeated Youth National Speed Champion from 2003-2012, 5 time Youth Continental Champion, and the North Face Young Gun Award Recipient. Those just being the tip of the iceberg.

Since then, Josh has gone on to be a 10 time Open National Team Member and has represented the United States at 5 World Cups and 7 World Championships. Oh, and he also finds time to study Engineering at Northeastern University and attend more local comp series comps than you can count on your fingers including Dark Horse, Dominion Riverrock, and Ring of Fire.

Oh, and last year he skipped three grades to send his project, Linin’ Astro 5.14c, in Rumney, NH.

Basically, he’s out there killing it, and in this episode we get to talking about what fuels his competitive spirit, what it was like moving beyond his youth career, and how important it is to keep having fun.

Due to Josh’s busy life, we had to record the episode via cell phone. Please forgive the poor quality of the recording. I promise that in the future I will catch up with Josh again to re-record with better quality and fresh insight. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Moving beyond his youth career.
  • Helping his former team as an assistant coach for their Nationals training camp.
  • How the training camp prepares the youth climbers for Nationals.
  • The importance of mental training.
  • The importance of having fun.
  • Transitioning from competition climbing to outdoor climbing.
  • Why the East Coast is dominating the comp scene in the US.
  • Why he likes the crowd to bring the noise.
  • And, of course, which coast is the best coast!

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