Ep.31 w/ JP Du Plessis “Children of the Rocklands”

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On the effect that climbing is having on the South African communities, starting a climbing school, and what you can do to help…

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JP Du Plessis is a journalist from South Africa. He has been living on the De Pakhuys farm for a handful of years now at the base of many of the bouldering areas in the Rocklands. He watches as season after season, climbers flood the area and enjoy the bounty of bouldering the area has to offer. Now, JP DuPlessis tells us what sort of impact these climbers are having on the area. He has recently started a climbing school for the local children, many of whom are underprivileged in a huge way. JP DuPlessis is watching as climbing grows in the area and wants to foster the future through these young promising locals.

Show Notes for the episode with JP Du Pleissis:

  • A fantastic description of the Rocklands and the Cederberg Mountains.
  • The lives of the local children and how the climbing community is impacting them
  • The climbing school that JP and some other locals have started to get the kids out
  • Trying to raise money to start a competitive youth climbing team in South Africa
  • The positives and negatives to the impact of the climbing community

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