On Climbing Magazine, how stories get published, and what it takes to keep it fresh!

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Climbing Magazine has been around since 1970 and though Julie Ellison has only been involved for a handful of those years, as Senior Editor she takes her job very seriously. Well….not too seriously. Julie Ellison says that the whole idea behind climbing Magazine is to make it fun and accessible. Climbing Magazine prides itself in being the standard of the industry when it comes to articles on climbing techniques, safety skills, training articles, and broad, captivating international features that can be enjoyed by climbers of all levels. Since the buy-out of Climbing Magazine by Active Interest Media some of its readers have been wary to accept the new design as a piece of corporate redesign and feel that it isn’t run by climbers anymore. In this interview, Julie Ellison seeks to set the record straight and enlighten us as to just how much work goes into the magazine by climbers like herself.

Show Notes for the episode with Julie Ellison:

  • What they look for in stories from freelance writers and photographers

  • How to submit stories and photos as a freelancer

  • How Julie keeps the stories fresh

  • The impact social media has had on Magazines and how they’ve adapted

  • The buy-out of Climbing Magazine and how they’ve tried to remain a climber’s magazine

  • Her favorite climbing zones

  • And how long print media can last in the digital world

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