Ep.42 w/ Kati Hetrick “Finding That Niche”

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Kati Hetrick Episode Art On climbing athlete representation, how important self-promotion and social media presence is for athletes, and how much elite athletes stand to make…

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Kati Hetrick is the owner RedPoint Consulting. Through her company she manages some of climbing’s top athletes including, Alex Johnson, Nathaniel Coleman, and more. She is one of few managers out there who represent climbing athletes which means she has had to figure out what the brands want from their athletes and how to manage. She talks with us on this episode about the changing face of the climbing industry and how athletes are expected to earn their keep in this ever-evolving industry.

Show Notes for episode with Kati Hetrick:

  • How her early experience competing as a youth competitor and later as a sponsored athlete gave her an insight into the industry that led to a career in athlete management
  • How she began her career as a climbing athlete manager
  • Do climbing athletes really need representation?
  • Why we see some athletes with 20 sponsors and others with 2 or 3 despite their relative achievements
  • How much self-promotion and social media play into modern day pro climbing
  • How her business, RedPoint Consulting, works with athletes, brands, and companies
  • Who some of her clients are and what she is doing to help them succeed in their dreams
  • How much can a top earning climbing athlete expect to make in this new age of pro climbing
  • The negativity from the climbing community that surrounds the idea of making a living as a professional climber
  • The instability of a professional climbing career
  • Advice for young athletes who are considering a career in rock climbing

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