Ep.8 – “You Gotta Free Yourself Up” w/ Ian Powell & Jackie Hueftle (Part 1)

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Ian Powell Episode ArtOn his history of shaping, inspirations, and learning curves.

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This is part 1 of a 2 part series on Ian Powell and his company Kilter Grips. After enjoying this episode, make sure to find your way to part 2. It’s just as exciting and smile inducing as the episode you’re about to embark upon.

Accompanied by his sales, marketing, and publicity manager, Jackie Hueftle, Ian Powell delves into his process of hold shaping and the origins of Kilter Grips. Jackie does her best to keep him on track…no promises.

Ian has been a part of the climbing industry as a hold shaper since the early 90’s. He was a driving force during an era of impressive growth for the climbing industry, a time when a boom of young, artistic climbers around the country began to shape holds like never before. This renaissance of hold shaping was the boom that brought the climbing industry holds that gym climbers are still fiending for 20 years later.

Show Notes:

  • Egrips, Straight Up holds, Ty Foose, and how Ian began shaping
  • The origins of Kilter Grips
  • His process of shaping and where his inspiration comes from
  • Learning curves
  • What’s missing in the hold market
  • The interrelationship between setting and hold shaping
  • and lots of Ian’s tangential qualities….

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