Kris Hampton Episode ArtOn our upcoming hip-hop collaboration, weight training for climbing, and living vicariously through other Chrises…

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Show Notes for episode with Kris Odub Hampton:

  • We geek out for a minute or two about how great podcasts are
  • Kris’ many hats including hip-hop artist, mural painter, climber, blogger, trainer, etc.
  • How he got into hip-hop growing up in an “all white, very racist neighborhood”
  • The pitfalls of commercial art
  • How helping locals with training plans became Power Company Climbing
  • His new training app
  • How to personalize your training plan; What works…
  • What about those climbers who never train and crush everything?
  • The basics of training
  • Living vicariously through other Chrises while recovering from an injury (see photos below)
  • Weight training for climbing and when to incorporate it

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