Moja Gear Episode Art On the road to entrepreneurship, managing Moja Gear as it grows, and why the climbing industry is unlike any other…

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Show Notes for episode with Moja Gear:

  • Life on the Road from San Luis Obispo, to Lander, to Denver
  • How Moja Gear sprung from a student project at Cal Poly into a full blown entrepreneurial experience
  • Tips on starting a business from Sander’s time in Cal Poly’s entrepreneur program
  • Thoughts on their content including articles like: How to pee on a wall (when you don’t have a penis)
  • Tips and tools for how they manage their time and get the job done while on the road.
  • How they managed expansion in the face of relinquishing creative control
  • Their rate of growth and how they’ve leveraged it in the climbing market
  • Why the climbing industry is unlike most others and how to deal with the fickle attitude of it as a business
  • Natalie relates how working for Moja Gear compares to working in the foreign service sector
  • How the retail model works on

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