Ep.39 w/ Nathaniel Coleman “Moments of Success”

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Nathaniel Coleman Episode Art On riding high in Toronto and Vail, under pressure in China, and managing expectations….

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Nathaniel Coleman is a US Team climber out of Murray, Utah. He has won numerous youth climbing events including 2015 Youth Bouldering Nationals in his category, and took 5th place in the 2015 Open Nationals for Bouldering. This year, Nathaniel decided to compete in the IFSC World Cup Series in the Toronto, Vail, and Munich events. After taking a surprising second place in the first two event’s, Nathaniel Coleman decided to follow the series to China and on to Munich raising enough money to do so. His journey is one of an athlete new on the scene of World Cup climbing. He has to deal with success, expectations, pressures, and failures. In this interview, Nathaniel Coleman tells us of his adventure and what he is planning for the future. 

Show Notes for episode with Nathaniel Coleman:

  • How he trained and prepared for this World Cup Season
  • Advice from Killian Fischuber
  • What sort of expectations he felt walking into the Toronto World Cup Event
  • Breaking the beta on problem #4 in the finals at Toronto to win 2nd place
  • How the crowd in Vail energized him to succeed.
  • Being “picked on” by Jan Hojer (GER)
  • Deciding to continue the World Cup Circuit to China and what obstacles he had to over come to get there
  • Experiencing China on a whim fresh outta high school and riding high on two silver medal finishes
  • How the pressure of doing well in Toronto and Vail began to mount in China
  • “It’s dealing with your success or failure…”
  • His time training with the German Climbing Team at Stuntwerk in Cologne, Germany
  • Managing strength and psych levels going into the Munich World Cup event after a six week break
  • Nathaniel’s plans for next year’s IFSC World Cup Series which includes 8 competitions and the World Championships

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