Ep.13 – Neely Quinn “Training for the Masses”

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Neely Quinn Podcast Episode ArtOn the TrainingBeta.com website, podcasts, and training programs. We also talk about injuries, nutrition, and more. Enjoy!

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Neely Quinn is a nutritionist and a rock climber who wished to figure out how to improve at her favorite sport. That’s why she began TrainingBeta.com. Training Beta has grown into one of the internet’s best resources for training programs and information with downloadable programs and monthly subscription plans. Make sure to follow the link below to TrainingBeta.com to see what Neely’s got going on over there.

Show Notes for Neely Quinn of Training Beta:

  • How Neely became interested in studying nutrition and becoming a nutritionist
  • Becoming location independent with TrainingBeta.com
  • Simplifying climbing training for the everyman
  • Downloadable programs and year-long subscription programs
  • What to expect with the downloadable and subscription programs
  • Nutrition for climbing
  • Recognizing you weaknesses
  • Injuries and rehab

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