On frequent first ascents, what V16 really means, and plans for his biggest bouldering adventure yet!

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Paul Robinson is one of the world’s best boulderers. If you didn’t know that already, you better get schooled because this guy has put down countless numbers of the world’s hardest boulder problems. He has opened up bouldering areas and fought to push climbing’s limits around the globe. In this episode, Paul Robinson discusses why he does it and what the future has in store for him.

Show Notes for the episode with Paul Robinson:

  • His trip and highlights from climbing in the Dirty South
  • Traveling woes and excitement
  • Why seeking and sending new lines is so important to him
  • Gaining the vision to see new lines on unclimbed rock
  • Putting down 50+ FA’s last Summer in South Africa and all its future potential
  • The responsibility and plight of the First Ascensionist to provide accurate grades and sweet names
  • Why a lot of FA’s tend to get downgraded
  • Advice from Carlo Traversi on grading FA’s
  • Is V16 a thing yet?
  • Thinking back on his most memorable sends
  • The big trip he’s planning that will result in total world domination (hint: South Africa, Australia, Europe, Oman, Bolivia, Argentina, China, Norway, Alaska, and on….and on… and…)

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