PBR Episode ArtOn what it takes to put on a major event, procuring and maintaining relationships with sponsors, and having fun while doing it.

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The Portland Boulder Rally is an amazing climbing competition. It is the largest single day event in the nation and this year it is putting up a $10,000 cash purse to the top 5 male and female competitors. This is the kind of incentive that is driving more than 20 pro climbers (along with most of Portland’s climbing community) to descend upon The Circuit Bouldering Gym this weekend. This year there will be 400 competitors, all competing in the Circuit’s newest and largest gym in Tigard, OR.

The competition will take place on Saturday October 4th, 2014, with Louder Than 11 live streaming the finals over the internet beginning at 6:15pm PST. Make sure to head over to PortlandBoulderRally.com to watch the battle for a share of $10,000 unfold. It’s gonna be good!

Show Notes with the Portland Boulder Rally:

  • The Origins of the Portland Boulder Rally
  • Uniting the boulderers of America
  • What it takes to put on the largest single-day competition in the nation
  • Procuring and building relationships with sponsors
  • Making it better each time.

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