Sasha DiGiulian Episode Art On how she prioritizes her busy life, being a role model and athlete in the days of social media, and how she feels after sending…

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Sasha DiGiulian is a power house of the climbing scene. She is one of the few women in the world to send 5.14d and has won multiple local and national competitions. Along with climbing in the upper echelon of super senders, Sasha DiGiulian attends Columbia University, works with non-profit organizations, attends public events, and speaks at events about her experience. Sasha DiGiulian manages to somehow juggle all of this and keep it together, and in this episode she tells us how!

Show Notes for episode with Sasha DiGiulian:

  • How Sasha stays on top of attending events, public speaking, school at Columbia University, training, and climbing for fun without going insane
  • What Sasha plans to do with the shiny college degree she’s working on
  • What it means to be an athlete and role model in the days of social media
  • How she has seen the public perception of climbing change in recent years
  • Evolving specializations in the sport of climbing
  • The dream-like feeling she gets after sending her projects

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