Ep.35 w/ Shauna Coxsey “To Be An Athlete”

By July 13, 2015Blog Post, Podcasts

Shauna Coxsey episode art On pushing forward after an injury, this season’s World Cup experience, and how she manages to stay so busy

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Show Notes for episode with Shauna Coxsey:

  • How the finger injury that kept her out of the European Championships has been affecting her during this 2015 World Cup season
  • At what point is it worth it to risk injury?
  • How the field of strong female competitors is changing the game
  • Her transition from being a “climber” to being an “athlete”
  • What she’ll do with her time in between now and the Munich WC in August
  • Her other, off the wall, projects including: The Women’s Climbing Symposium, Climbers Against Cancer, and The British Mountaineering Council
  • The IFSC Bouldering World Cup from her POV

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