Skratch Labs Episode Art On how studies of cyclists’ hydration begot Skratch, why they focus on the sport of climbing, and how to train better with proper hydration and real food….

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Show Notes for episode with Skratch Labs:

  • How Ian MacGregor (Co-Founder/CEO) and Jay Peery (VP of Sales) got started with Skratch Labs
  • The origin story of a new type of hydration mix in the sports nutrition market
  • Alan Lim’s (Founder) studies and how that came to lead to the creation of Skratch Labs
  • Their different products and how and when to use them
  • The development and constant cookie eating involved with creating their cookie mix
  • The philosophy of bringing food back to sports nutrition
  • What?! Skratch Labs drink mixes can moldonce you add water to them?! Yes, because their made with REAL FRUIT! That’s the beauty
  • So, with all of the endurance sports out there why did Skratch decide to focus on climbing?
  • How they work with athletes to help them be more efficient at sports nutrition
  • How climbing stacks up to other professional sports in the realm of training and sports nutrition
  • Sodium loss rates and how much electrolyte replenishment climbers need

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