Episode Art for ThePorch.ioOn the web app designed to map the metrics of routesetting, climbing, and more!

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Show Notes for episode with ThePorch.io:

  • Where the name and idea for ThePorch.io came from and what Andrew is trying to do with it
  • The Porch’s gym route tracking and how Andrew hopes it affects the community
  • How the metrics of routesetting can help gyms improve the quality of their product
  • How the web app works and how much more labor is involved with it’s data entry and upkeep
  • Applications of The Porch outside of the climbing gym
  • How to get people to actually use it
  • When ThePorch.io will be available and how gyms and individuals can get involved now

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  • The Porch’s website | www.ThePorch.io
  • Email contact for Andrew Palmer of ThePorch.io | Andrew@theporch.io

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