Tiffany Hensley Episode ArtOn her push from competitive nature to philanthropic nurture, working with Escalando Fronteras in Mexico, and getting a poverty stricken youth climbing…

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Show Notes for episode with Tiffany Hensley:

  • How Tiffany made a name for herself, where she is now, and what she’s doing with her life
  • How she is tackling a recent injury (not necessarily recommended)
  • Her newest off the rock project helping kids from broken families in Mexico get out and climb, called Escalando Fronteras
  • Her first tour of the ghettos of Monterey and meeting the zombie-like futures of Mexico’s downtrodden youth
  • Is Monterey a dangerous place to work or visit
  • The response within the community for the Escalando Fronteras program
  • What issues Escalando Fronteras focuses on and what effects they are seeing with the youth in the community
  • Some of the other local heroes of the area that help to fuel and inspire change among the community
  • Profiles and stories of some of the kids who take part in the program
  • What they need the most and how you can help

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