Ep.34 w/ Tonde Katiyo “The Idea of Quality”

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Tonde Katiyo Episode Art On circuits in the climbing gym, re-defining how we talk about climbing, and the idea of quality

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Show Notes for episode with Tonde Katiyo:

  • A bit of background on Tonde Katiyo
  • How his focus as a head routesetter has changed since moving from the Seattle Boulder Project to Allez Up in Montreal
  • His explanation of circuits in the bouldering gym and how they can benefit everyone
  • How to stay creative
  • There is no difference between commercial and competitive climbing
  • The history and theory behind the RIC (Risk, Intensity, Complexity) Scale; an elegant way of viewing problems
  • How how composes his routesetting crew and what he is searching for in a team
  • How do you define quality?
  • How to manage diversification of problems while maintaining quality
  • How he learned to make changes to a program without backlash from the clientele
  • His work with the routesetting group L’Ouvre-Boîte that he helped found

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