On the importance of an optimized diet for climbing success, supplements and nutrition bars, and when to say, ‘yes!’ to baby food…

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Aicacia Young is a registered dietician who has jumped through many-a hoops to get where she is now. Aicacia has carved out a little niche for herself as a dietician with an emphasis on the climbing lifestyle. Though Aicacia can diagnose and suggest diets for many ailments, her favorite is how to optimize the climber’s diet for peak performance. She even went so far as to write a book on the subject, which can be purchased on her website ClimbHealthy.com. On ClimbHealthy.com Aicacia Young also writes regular articles on health and well-being.

Show Notes for the episode with Aicacia Young:

  • Will eating an optimized diet actually improve your climbing?
  • Why diet is important after 30
  • Her path from traditional nutrition to a more specialized diet and nutrition
  • Understanding the sport of climbing and the dietary needs of climbers
  • How to assess if you need to cut certain foods out of your diet
  • Wondering if Cliff Bars, Pro Bars, Lara Bars, etc. are worth eating at the crag?
  • Did she say baby food?!
  • And the verdict on alcohol… it’s what you expect

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